About Us


International sculpture festival “SculpFest” is the first and the only festival not only in Kosovo but also in the Balkan region. SculpFest as a sculpture festival (different sculpture concept), throughout the organizations held from 2012 to 2014, aimed in addressing actual social issues through different awareness activities where sculpture was seen and was treated in broader dimension.

Sculp Fest is a festival that includes two projects, “Sculp’ice” and “Sculp’edu” which from 2012-2014 were organized by Leo’s Art Organization. These two festivals aimed in increasing the level of awareness for contemporary art, while preparing the base for the biggest event, planned for the first time for 2017 and called Autostrada Biennale.

Sculp’Ice 2015 is the continuation of Sculp Fest’s fourth edition, planned to be organized from 1st to 3rd of May 2015 in Prizren, thus giving the closure of a successful cycle of artistic events including but not limited to: presentation of different creations of different artists, workshops, musical performances, etc. All these events have inspired and paveled the way for the organization of the Biennale of the contemporary Art “Autostrada Biennale” 2016/2017.

In particular, Sculp’Ice is a movement towards promotion of the state of Kosovo at a global level and in parallel a call to promote artists in the region. Contemporary Art is seen to be one of the best conductors of messages of peace. These are the most effective messages which helps Kosovo’s goals for international recognition and affirmation.