On May 1 in the opening ceremony of SculpFest, Autostrada Biennale will cover the road with 20.000 stories of the citizens

Prizren, April 9, 2015 International Sculpture Festival "SculpFest", is organizing its fourth edition within Autostrada Biennale (International Contemporary Art Biennale).

One of the main projects of the festival is the historical identity of the streets of Prizren and spiritual heritage of the city.

The project "Kallderm", slang word for cobblestones from Prizren locals, will collect experiences of the citizens and visitors in the stony streets of the city.

Trees of the streets of Prizren are being covered with letters that contain stories from experiences of walking through the way paved with cobblestones. For those who cannot be there physically, the virtual platform has been released. Stories of the citizens will be "frozen" in a record number of 20.000 ice cubes. These cubes will cover one of the main streets of city centre of Prizren, showing that through every object and event, happening in the life of the city there is an amazing human history.

From May 1-3, 2015, Sculpfest will carry on with the festival with various contemporary activities, with a cycle of artistic events, including various presentations of the artists, sculptures - installations, video documentaries, workshops, performances and music.

About the program, "artists" participation and activities that will be organized during the festival, you will be informed in the following days.